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We are easy going and do not drink much.

What they say about us

With an atmosphere that enraptures from the first groove pocket-carving bassline and enough hooks to necessitate the hook, line and sinker metaphor, Kinda Joke’s ear candy couldn’t be more radio-ready” - Amelia Vandergast

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Kinda Joke Throwing Cards in the Air. Press Photo

melodic indie-rock-pop-funky rhythms that leave no one indifferent

A Spaniard, an Italian and a German met in Munich and formed a band... They are "Kinda Joke" and sound like Phil Collins after a few beers joining Coldplay to jam with Dave Grohl. 

They have written a bunch of songs about things you shouldn't tell Mama, mixing some indie rock with carving funky grooves and captivating atmospheric melodies.

Josep left Barcelona a few years ago and found himself leading his previous band on vocals and guitar to the Bavarian finals of the Emergenza Contest, where he met Jon and his bass, who was pushing his former band to the German finals. This meeting was the seed that grew into "Kinda Joke", which took shape when the experienced sicilian drummer Luca, who had been keeping the holy beat for several other bands, finally joined the project.

With a bunch of great songs from their debut EP "Cat Alarm", "Kinda Joke" is ready to hit the stage and take you on a journey with the power of their tunes and the almost forgotten 'wtf I've just seen tonight' experience, and that... that is not a joke.

Press photos

Josep Ortells - Lead Singer and Guitar

Jon Muse Lee - Bass, Vocals, Producer

Luca Mirabella - Drums, Vocals

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